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    Site Updates and FTP

    Lisa Finnegan


      Just a general question about updating my published site and what files should be uploaded via FTP. I have made changes to various pages on the website.


      As an example, I changed the order of my thumbnails on the home page. When I preview the site prior to publishing I don't see an issue. However, when I go out to my browser it doesn't look like what I am expecting. I have cleared the cache prior to viewing.



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          morgan_in_london Level 3

          As a failsafe, I have found that when making any change to the site, I re-upload EVERYTHING - but then again, my sites are not very large. I just hit upload and overwrite and go get a coffee.


          However, if your site it too big to re-load every time, I would re-load: thepageinquestion.html, thepageinquestion.css and any and all of the image files associated with the page again as well as the index.html and muse_manifest.xml for good measure. I believe that should do it.


          Really though, if you're changing multiple pages, it's more time consuming but idiot-proof just to re-load everything. There are been many questions on the forums about sites not displaying and behaving correctly, only for the poster to discover that they failed to re-load some element of the exported Muse data/ documents.

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            Lisa Finnegan Level 1

            I did do that on my last upload. However, my thumbnails are not displaying in the correct order (although the photos are in the correct order on the hero portion of the widget.) I do have "edit together" selected in the widget. Should I choose overwrite if source size is newer or a different size?

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              morgan_in_london Level 3

              Choose "Overwrite if Source is Newer" - that was you're guaranteed to get the latest version on your FTP. Sometimes choosing "Different Size" won't result in a newer file if it's exactly the same in terms of file size.


              I hope this helps, let me know if it's been successful or not.

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