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    Photoshop Elements

    Old Joan

      I have Photoshop Elements, in Organize there is no menu bar. Just 2 small arrows. Click on them and the menu opens. But it doesn't have everything there either???.

      Old Joan

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          Baljeet Juneja Level 3

          i believe you are working on win 7, just do one thing, close your photoshop elements and all the other programs and follow the steps below :


          1. right click on your desktop

          2. select screen resolution

          3. select make text or other items larger or smaller ,

          4, then select smallest , the lowest one.

          5,. click apply.

          it will ask you to log off now or later. click log off now,

          once your computer is again logged in , try launching your organiser and your menu bar should be back again on your top


          Actually this is something related to Windows , and not with orgainser.

          manu bar is designed to work with that DPI (smallest), if you increase the Dpi, then menu bar would change to vertical instead if horizontal and so you will see the arrows on top




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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            We need more info about your system, especially graphics setup, screen resolution etc..  This sounds like you are simply running at too small a screen. Also we need to know the exact version of PSE and oprating system. Did you try to reinstall the program?



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              Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

              Moving the discussion to Photoshop elements forum.

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                photodrawken Level 5

                Change your Windows display settings to use the default, 100%, smaller fonts.



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