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    Some questions about exporting to ePub


      Hi there,


      I am working with Indesign CS5.5 for some time now and exporting to an ePub does not always do what I expect it to do. I place all my questions here together, hoping someone knows one or more answers.


      Question 1:

      When I make a list, using the bullets in InDesign the font size in the ePub is smaller then it was in my document. I want control over the sizes in the ePub but cannot find the reason why the font reduces in a list in the ePub.


      Question 2:

      In all setting I enter that the lining should be on the left side. Nevertheless all text is filled out to the center. How do I lignout to the left?


      Question 3:

      I dont want to break words and that is in all my setting. But in the ePub the words are cut of. How do I eleminate this?


      Question 4:

      In the e-Book manual about the iPad, bullets and numbers are of a different colour then the text. In InDesign/ePub I cannot find any settings to get that result. How do I colour my bullets or numbers?


      Question 5:

      The Table of Content is set to Alphabetic order, but in the ePub this setting is ingnored. How do I set the Index into an alphabetic order?


      Question 6:

      Is it possible to make a hyperlink from one ePub to another? For exemple an ePub with Indexes linked to ePubs with Content.


      Question 7:

      In InDesign I can set pagebreaks on Title, Paragraphs etc. But when exporting to ePub all is overruled by the setting in the Export popup. That is no problem and it works, but I want to set pagebreaks on both Titles AND Paragraphs and there is only ONE option in the Export popup. How do I set pagebreaks on both (or more)?


      I hope someone can help me with one of these questions so I can improve my products. And if what I want is impossible please tell me, so I can look for a workaround.


      Best regards...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, it's important to consistently apply paragraph styles to all your text. If you want text to be flush left, it should be in your paragraph style. If you want space between sections, it should be in the paragraph style.


          InDesign's export to EPUB tries to translate these (imperfectly) into the CSS that is used in the EPUB file. Many of the things you are talking about need to be tweaked in the CSS, they cannot be specified in InDesign. If you haven't already, you should pick up some introductory material about creating EPUB files so you understand the limitations in the process and how you can fix then.


          The two best sources I know are Elizabeth Castro's excellent book: EPUB Straight to the Point which you can read about and buy on her website (or from other sources):


          Formatting ebooks - EPUB Straight to the Point


          On Lynda.com, Anne-Marie Concepcion has created a title for CS5.5 which covers all of the basics:




          The bottom line is that converting from InDesign to EPUB requires quite a bit of study, and can't be done in a completely automatic way based on what the file looks like in InDesign.

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            connect49 Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            I have EVERYTHING you say in my paragraph styles.

            All my questions are based on settings made in the paragraph styles in InDesign. Nevertheless it does not appear that way in the ePub.

            In ALL paragraph styles the setting is Flush to the left, but it filles out to the center.


            Are you saying that I have to manually change the CSS-file because InDesign is still imperfect?

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No only is InDesign imperfect in exporting to EPUB, but so is every other program on the planet!


              And the reason I gave you those references is so you can see why it will probably always be that way.

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                wjnp2000 Level 2


                All errors are basically caused in ID, with the styles with “based on” in another style, if you do this change to “[No Paragraph style]” or [Basic Paragraph].


                Question 1, 2, 4:

                Just editting the epub with a html editor, like Sigil, open your epub and find when the errors occurs, see the <p class>, is your style, open the style, folder styles, file: template generally and edit it.

                q1: font-size : 1em; “em” is the unit.

                q2: “text-align :”.

                q4: use “p.para-style-override-1”, color : #000000; color in hexadecimal, this example is black.


                Question 3:

                ?? take a snapshot to show us how this occurs.


                Question 5:

                Do you edit the TOC after upload it in ID? When you export is like you just upload TOC, so do the changes in style in ID. Or edit the “toc.ncx” (here is where you see on contens or left side in ADE, be carefull in this file) and the file that contains the TOC (here is where you see on the pages) in Sigil.


                Question 6:

                I didn’t do yet, but I guess it’s possible.


                Question 7:

                Find  “Creating Two Kinds of Page Breaks in EPUB with CS5.5” and learn it how



                ***: Wagner

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  The answer to all formatting questions in EPUB is to learn HTML and CSS.




                  Map every style to an HTML tag and write your own CSS.





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                    connect49 Level 1

                    Steve, Wagner and Bob,


                    Thanks for all the help. It toke me sometime to follow the advises and try it out. The message is clear, I bought InDesign based on all the Adobe movies about what was possible. And of course I missed the movie 'Not everything is possible'...  .


                    And a problem never comes alone. I created and exported to ePub and then directly to the iPad2. When I added Sigil in the process, I found out that the the iPad coursed a number of my problems. The lining out to the left and breaking words was a iPad setting that overruled the CSS.


                    I hope (and expect) InDesign will improve on the matter of page breaks, because Wagners workaround is no solution for me. Untill than I try my workarounds based on your CSS-advises.


                    Thanks very much for your help.

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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Page breaks is very much improved in InDesign CS6. You can specify for every paragraph style the possibility of using it to break an EPUB file. That means if you created unique paragraph styles for a TOC title, and Acknowledgements page title, etc. you could designate each of these styles to begin a new page as many of us would like to do.

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                        connect49 Level 1

                        One last (?) question.


                        I solved almost all my problems by making my own CSS-file (like Bob said). InDesign is helpfull in the 3 export ways (Generate, Only Styles and My Own). I made my own and copied the first part of the iPad manual css. My designs are Work Instructions for a company and they contain numbered instruction. I have to do this manually because the <ol><li> </li></ol> does not work properly.


                        In Indesign:

                        1. Do this

                        2. Do that


                        Not numbered explaining Textline

                        4.(number forced in Styles)



                        In ePub it becomes:

                        1. Do this

                        2. Do that


                        Not numbered explaining Textline

                        1. (goes back to One)



                        I've tried almost everything now but nothing works. So I ask the pro's...


                        P.S. I also cannot change the number colour. It remains black although I use Styles.