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    Urgent! Need help with corrupted files.

    E Diane King Level 3

      I have two files that have become corrupted in some strange way that crashes InDesign when I try to export to PDF. I tried to print to PDF as a work around, and Distiller crashes. These are two of a whole bunch of files that I need to send to the printer yesterday, and they are all made the same way and the others exported without a problem!


      The files are in ID CS5 (fully patched). Each file consists of one InCopy story containing all sorts of complicated anchored objects and cross references, etc, flowed into a template. They preflight and save and package just fine. 


      What I have tried:


      I have tried exporting to IDML and opening that.  Still crashes. 

      I have tried saving the file to my desktop and unlinking the IC story.  Still crashes.

      I have tried on a Mac and a PC, with and without fonts. Still crashes.

      I have opened the IDML in CS5.5 on a PC. Still crashes.

      I have placed the IC story into a blank document--it exports without a problem.

      I have stripped the IC story out of the template--it exports without a problem.

      I copied the text from the blank document that exported without a problem into the template that exported without a problem. It crashes.


      Please help! I need these PDFs to send to the printer ASAP, and I can't get them to export, and I've run out of things to try.