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    Submitting a subscription app to Apple

    jamie.dunmore Level 1

      I want to submit an app with a 1 yr auto-renewable subscription.


      I have one folio within the app at the moment, but that is free.

      The next folio (paid for) won't be available for another 6 weeks, so I can't yet submit the IAP for it to Apple along with this new viewer.


      So, am I able to submit a multi-issue viewer with iTunes subscription even though I don't have any paid-for content within the app as it currently stands? Or do I have to include at least one paid for folio as well?


      The client wants the app available on Newsstand from the start, that's why we are submitting it with an auto-renewable subscription. In 6 weeks time, the viewer will have a paid for folio and many more will follow after that...