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    How do I "print booklet" in CS 5?

    ayanchury Newcomer

      I'm trying to print out my booklet so my boss can proof it. I want it to look like the real thing so I went to "print booklet." I can't get it to print in numeric order, portrait, on 11x17, on both sides of the paper so it looks like your average, run-of-the-mill booklet. Am I choosing the wrong type? Please help!

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          Peter Spier Legend

          What do you mean "in numeric order"? An imposed booklet will be printed in the correct order for folding and binding so that after assembly it will be in order.

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            ayanchury Newcomer

            I mean, I can't get it to print to look like a normal booklet-- you see page 1, flip the page and see page 2... Is it something with my printer settings? Do I pick "2-up consecutive," "2-up saddle stitch," or "2-up perfect bound?" And do I have to change anything to make sure it prints out on both sides of the paper? What do you mean by imposed? How do I make mine imposed?

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              Manish-Sharma Ninja

              When you choose the print booklet and the output come in such a way that when you will fold the page from the center then it will form the booklet...


              So for example: in 2-up saddle stitch , if you have 8 pages , in proper sequence but when you will be printing it with the "print booklet" option then the print out would be 1-8,2-7,3-6,4-5 in such form so that when you will fold , 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 will be sequence


              The page numbering sequence can be changed using diferent option like 2-up consecutive , 2-up perfect bound etc...


              For details look at this link: -http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-704ba.h tml

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                Peter Spier Legend

                Imposition is the process of arranging the pages for printing, and that's waht Print Booklet is doing. Except that Manish has some of his numbers reversed (it will be 8-1, 2-7, 6-3 and 4-5 -- even numbers on the left and odds on the right) his expalantion is good. Presumabley from your description you have 8.5 x 11 pages, is that correct? For a stapled booklet choose two-up saddle stitch, and you MUST print to a printer that has two-sided capability, or you'll need to make a PDF from Print Booklet so you can print from Acrobat or Read and flip pages manually. That can be complicated on Mac.


                There are two parts to setting up a Print Booklet job, setting the Print Booklet dilaog itself, and setting up the printer, which you must do separately by clicking the button in the Print Booklet dialog to tell the printer to use the correct size paper (that takes you to the regular print dialog), and from there you'll need to go into the driver setup to setup the duplexing.

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                  ayanchury Newcomer

                  My pages are 8.5x11 but I'm printing on ledger in order to get the booklet. Is that what I'm doing wrong? I can print them on 8.5x11 for right now if I need to. Anyway, I go to "print settings" and that's where the paper size is, but nothing about duplex so I have to go to "setup" and then "preferences" (I'm on Windows, although I'm sure you could tell already). I then have options for duplex printing, but when I choose it, it doesn't work.

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                    Manish-Sharma Ninja

                    Ledger paper size should work for you , also duplex printing is the printer capabiltiy .


                    Hence there is no such setting in the Indesign print settings dialog , you will find the settings in the printer preferences if your printer support duplex printing,


                    Check the printer preferences properly , may be may be there is more than one setting in printer preferences which you may be missing.

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                      Peter Spier Legend

                      In the Print Booklet dialog choose 2-up saddle stitch, then click  the Print Settings Button:

                      Print Booklet setup.png


                      This will open the Print dialog:

                      Print Booklet Printer setup.png


                      Choose your printer, set the page size and landscape orientation, then click the Setup button to access the driver, ignore the warning, and set the two-sided printing options (you'll want to flip on short edge for this). Say OK  twice to get back to the Print Booklet dialog.


                      After setting the print options, your Print Booklet Preview screen should look similar to this (this one is a 16 page document, so pages 16 and 1 are together):

                      Print Booklet Preview.png

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                        ayanchury Newcomer

                        It must have been the "short edge" thing. Thank you SO much for continuing to help me.