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    Need Help with Template Editable Region and AP Divs


      Hi, I recently switched over from using tables to AP Divs in Dreamweaver (as you can tell, I don't do this much and every time I do my method seems woefully outdated). My workflow is mock up the site in Photoshop, slice it up and save the images and rollovers. Then I basically recreate the mock up in Dreamweaver using the images. I used to put them all in a table but since I've been told that using tables "just isn't done anymore" it's been recommended to me to use divs instead. So basically I use the Draw AP Div button to draw out a div, then I size and place it exactly like the slice in Photoshop and insert the image or rollover into it.


      Here's the problem. I'm trying to create a template that has the same header, menu and footer that will be used for all the pages of the site. Normally I would put the editable region in a table row between the menu and the footer, and depending on the size of the content, the table row would expand downward and keep the footer always underneath it. When I tried creating a div under the menu that stretched across the length of the page and put an editable region into it, the content just rolls right over the footer. How can I set this up so the content in the editable region "pushes" the footer down also and always keeps it below?


      Also, how would I center the whole page in the browser using the divs instead of the table? I tried using the body{margin:0 auto; width:100%;} code in the head tag but it didn't work.


      Is my workflow just not a good way to create a site these days? Any recommendations for an easier, more modern way or is it ok and "standard" to do it this way?


      Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!