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    Adobe, what do you think about that ?

    Branislav Milic Level 1

      - one day I was demoing DPS to 35 people in Paris. The whole day the servers were barely accessible. For the reputation and reliability of DPS that was wonderful.


      - another day I was doing a little DPS demo for Adobe. Again the same problem.


      - another day, the demo was ruined because the servers were so slow.


      - this Monday morning, I open my iPad and I can see my latest Folio in ACV.

      In the afternoon I join Adobe reps and partners and other VIPs in London for the launch of CS6. There I go with my iPad and what a surprise when I want to show the Folio to an Adobe representative ?

      Despite being signed in, all my folios where archived and all in Download state. I could not access a WiFi and even if I could I think that downloading 500 Mb would be impossible.


      Many people where asking me :

      —"And are you teaching DPS ?"

      – I said "Yes, I'm even working on it for real projects."

      — "Do you have one to show us ?"

      – "No, because Adobe's software, for a reason that I don't understand, deleted all my folios a few moments ago and I would have to redownload them again. ACV sucks".


      People to who I have talked to where Adobe people, chiefs of graphic studios (newspaper, agency,...), potential clients for DPS,...


      There was even of Adobe person that told me : "We are receiving a lot of complaints about the technical model of DPS, and you're right, it's terrible".


      There are so many problems with this app and with the servers.


      DPS's reputation will may be better when one day we just play offline with the folios like a PDF in GoodReader for instance.


      DPS is exploding my bandwidth.