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    videos show up as black screen on burned blu-ray

    peacebreakerr Level 1

      I've just created a blu-ray project with about 20 timelines.  I created an 35GB ISO file which I burned to a dual layer BD-R disc.  Everything seems to work fine when I play it back on a blu-ray player except for 6 videos/timelines.  They play as a black screen and it seems to freeze up the player for a few seconds as I can't press the menu button to get back to the menu for a while.  All the files were created in Media Encoder with the exact same settings, so I don't think it's a compression settings problem.  All the files are different formats so I know it's not a format issue -- the black screen videos are 1080i, 1080p, and 480i, and the videos that work are 1080p, 1080i, 480i, and 720p.  I'm recompressing the offending videos at the moment hoping that something went wrong there, but between that, building the project, and burning, a new disc won't be ready for a few hours.  Does anyone have any advice in the meantime?


      On a related note, I've recently started getting an internal error 11 on some of builds, but I don't remember what file it was having trouble finding.