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    CS6 beta error message 16, configuration

    n781lc Community Member

      iMac X 10.7.3, 3.06 GHz, 8GB Ram, Have triedto download numerous ties and like the foll, hoped for different reuslts.  In each instance it 'seems' to perform but when I click <.app there is a long delay, unlike CS 5.5 or Lighroom 4.1, and then a pop up message:




      The file "XManConfig<Please uninstall and reinstall the product. If the problem reoccurs conract Adobe Technical support for help and mention  error code 16"


      Of course, I tried, but, that is not possible for beta products.  Even though I have pre-ordered the CS 6 extended, I got stone-walled.


      I selected the Configuration File .. another pop-up:


      "The file"XManConfig.xml" coul not be opened because it may be damaged or incomplete."


      Never had this with any previous Adobe products from LR 1.0 and PSE 3.  Windows or Mac.


      Would really appreciate help .