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    CS2 disc


      I'm in need of a Creative Suite 2 disc (I believe also known as 9.0).


      I have a legitimate serial # but in a move we can't find the disc, only the CS disc (for which we can't find the serial # ... the CS2 is probably in the CS box somewhere, bad feeling that it got thrown out with some old tax software...)


      Anyone who might be able to send me a Adobe CS2 disc would be appreciated. Like I said, I have a legitimate serial # that we paid for, but customer service said they don't have replacement CDs available for any of the older product.


      I'm not starting over purchasing a whole new full price Photoshop package! Especially since I just use it recreationally (but I need Photshop, not an alternative or the free online versios of similar products.)

      email mjtwomail@yahoo.com if you have a disc or backup copy!