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    CS3 Mac - upgrade to CS5 Windows


      Hopefully someone here can come up with a definitive answer please?


      I have had CS3 installed and registered on a Mac since 2008. I want to upgrade to CS5 but change to Windows as that's my preference with photo editing software  (I already use Elements 7-8-9 on a PC).


      Looking around, I just cannot find a definitive answer as to whether I can upgrade my Mac CS3 licence to a CS5 Windows licence - I see the question has been asked the other way round a few years back but the answers conflicted: Yes, no problem;  No, no way; yes but very complicated, have to write to Adobe. Not much help.


      Can someone give me a definitive answer please rather than a guess? There is no way I can afford to buy the complete new product (I'm now a pensioner but have programmed since 1978 and been a photographer since 1961) so an upgrade is my only route. I don't want to buy the upgrade then find it's not working....