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    When Cyrillic support?


      Will you support Cyrillic font (Courier or Courier New) in Adobe Story in future? Why you can't add these fonts now? Do you think, russian customers does not exist?

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          James Shaft



          You already take money for a subscription and I would like to pay you, but Story is useless to me without Cyrillic fonts.

          Is it that hard to integrate Russian? If it in fact is difficult, then what kind of a retarded engine does this software use?



          And please do not ignore this message! We would like to finally hear your explanation.


          P.S.: It has been 2 years already: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3029086#3029086

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            Aurobi Adobe Employee

            Hi James,


            Our localization team reports that they are able to type Cyrillic characters through Russian keyboard using Minion Pro and Myriad Pro fonts on fresh machine having Win 7 Russian locale.

            Can you please try this and let us know if this works for you?




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              teimurh Level 1

              Yes, Adobe Story works in that way.

              But it's non-comfort: different script length (120 vs 180 pages), and it's difficult to read. And, ofcourse, Courier is "classical" font for scripts.


              Why you can't add "Courier New" font (it's with Cyrillic letters already) or add Cyrillic letters to your "Courier" font? Is it so hard and impossible?

              We even don't ask you about full localization. Please, just help us use Adobe Story as No.1 Scriptwriting Software. Because ALL modern scripwriting softwares can't normally work with Cyrillic fonts.


              I hope, you'll not just listen us. I hope, you'll hear us.


              Thank you!

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                James Shaft Level 1

                So do I have to have Win 7 with Russian locale in order for this to work? Bacause I hate Russian locales on any software, especially Windows.

                Right now I have Win 8 x64 Consumer Preview (Eng) installed. And I want for Adobe Story to work exactly like an English version, except

                for the ability to write in Russian. What is the big deal with this anyway? It's supposed to be a simple feature. All fonts have been localized years ago.

                Is it an Adobe AIR problem?

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                  AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

                  You can use minion and myriad fonts to use Cyrillic characters. It is not an AIR problem.


                  Since Courier New is a Microsoft font, we cannot just bundle it with Story. We are trying to figure out the best way to support more cyrillic fonts in Story.



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                    teimurh Level 1

                    If Courier New is a Microsoft font, why you can't create your own Courier-based font with Cyrillyc letters?


                    Or, you can buy a font from russian studio Paratype: http://www.paratype.com/pstore/fonts/Courier.htm


                    Is it possible?

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                      James Shaft Level 1

                      I don't get why you have to BUNDLE it with Story, why can't you use OS's system fonts?

                      If I'm not mistaken, both Windows and Mac already come with Courier New pre-installed.


                      I don't know if Linux and various tablet OS support it, but I'm sure most of them do or at least

                      have an alternative.


                      Celtx and Final Draft is using this font without any problems. Why can't you?

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                        Scrivener is a modern word processor, that has scriptwriting capabilities and supports cyrillic fonts/letters. Maybe it's not No.1, but certainlly can be of use for you guys. I just tested cyrillic document exporting to a PDF file. No need to thank me.

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                          There are still some issues with cyrillic support:

                          1. in outline section cyrillic symbols still are not printed correctly
                          2. export to pdf doesn't function

                          please, try to fix that.

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                            It's been years since the release of Story, and I love it's integrated workflow with the rest of the Adobe Suite... But the impossibility of exporting PDF in Cyrillic, and other glitches (the outline part of the window isn't working properly either) when working with this alphabet makes it just impossible to implement it's workflow in any Russian production, and it's a real shame. Is anyone working on this? It shouldn't be such a big issue to solve!