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    Issue of asynchronous Avi Videos



      I often capture some of my Games with Fraps and then edit these Avi files and render them to wmv's. Sometimes the sound and recorded Video are a bit off and i had to work a bit on it so it would be synchron again.

      Ive been working with Sony vegas before and if there was a Video file that was asynchronous with its own sound then the 2 Tracks for Video and Sound would be differently long, and it was just some easy manipulation of stretching and slowing the Video.

      But in Adobe Premiere the imported Tracks of the same video have the same length no matter how much the sound is off. I have actually no idea how i can make them synchron again, i mean its not like there is just some empty space at the end of each audio track, its like Premiere tried to fix it by itself but totally failed. I would be gratefull if someone could help me


      With hopes Celllie