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    Strokes are acting funny. Way too thin for the point size.

    synterx Level 1

      I'm on 5.5 and all of a sudden, when I apply a stroke to a photo frame, I'm not getting the width that the settings say.


      For example, I place a picture on the page, I scale it, say 50%, then put a stroke on it. I barely can see it. I can put a 44 pt. stroke on it, and it looks like it's about 7 pts wide. I tried assigning it to the inside, outside, middle, same thing.


      It's also doing that with the rounded corner trick. Click the yellow box, and start sliding a corner piont, and it's barely visible. I can assign a .5" rounded corner to the frame, and I can barely see the roundness.


      It's crazy, and completely grinding my work to a halt.


      Any ideas?