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    Possible to insert secured PDF into another PDF?


      We are creating PDFs from Word documents using Acrobat for a client. The client wants to distribute the files in such a way that the text and images cannot be copied, but the file as a whole can be inserted into other PDFs. They would also like to keep the file size manageable.


      The current approach is to secure the PDF using Acrobat's password encryption (File > Properties > Security, or Tools > Protection > Encrypt), but as far as I can tell, once you restrict any permissions on a file, extracting pages or inserting it into other files is no longer an option. The client's clients get around this by printing and scanning the secured PDF, which they should not have to do.


      Please note that we are NOT trying to insert pages into a secured PDF. I know how to do that, but that is not the problem. We want to insert one or more secured PDFs into another file.


      I have tried saving the Word document or first-pass PDF to an image format and then back into PDF, but this results in files ranging from 3 to 10 times the original size.


      Can our problem be solved using Acrobat &/or PDF format? Can anyone authoritatively tell me that it cannot be done? We are open to other software and file type combinations.


      [I am using Word 2010 and Acrobat X on Windows 7 64-bit, but setups vary within our company, at the client company, and out in the wild. ]