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    ~$3000 Champ Laptop Configuration?

    MatthewsM7 Level 1

      I have looked in many places for this information -- and figured I would just ask:


      I am desperate to find a laptop that can run PP/AE CS6 like a champ AND not be SUPER pricey (I'm a poor college student).


      I know I want SSD's (I need help deciding how many for the best workflow experience/external hard drives can play a role in this too, and perhaps some combination of regular HDD's), multi-core faster processor, lotsa ram (at least 16 gigs), and a compatible GPU for MPE (that will decently boost rendering times/etc.) I may be missing some other factors to make my champion laptop -- if so, please enlighten me.

      I will primarily be editing DSLR footage, and doing motion graphics. I don't like waiting for things to render..


      ALSO -- where should I look to purchase this computer once I finally figure out what I want/need!? I can't seem to find anything decent. Should I use a custom pc company? Puget Systems? or go HP, Dell, Fujitsu, etc,?


      I would tremendously appreciate any advice!


      Thank you!