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    Visitors can't tag Facebook photos posted via LR4 publish module


      What I'm bringing up is going to be a strange and esoteric issue, and I'll be surprised if anyone has any input to offer, but here goes.


      We run a Facebook Page that relies on posting many photos and enabling page visitors to tag themselves in said photos. Up until the LR4 release, we were simply posting these photos through Facebook's web interface. Starting last week, we started using the LR4 publish module to publish straight to our page in order to skip a whole step in our workflow, and we were thrilled with how well it was working. Since then we've uploaded three photo albums via Lightroom. However, beginning just yesterday an interesting issue has developed. We started getting complaints from guests that they couldn't tag their images, and after testing it out, we confirmed that visitors are no longer able to tag themselves in the LR-uploaded photo albums. This was not the case the whole past week, where we saw dozens and dozens of people being tagged. All older albums (ones uploaded traditionally) still let guests tag photos with no issues.


      Anyone have any insight to shed? As much as we love being able to publish right from Lightroom, we plan to revert back to posting via Facebook like always until this issue is resolved.