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    Trouble deleting text in Acrobat X



      I am trying to delete a few numbers in a pdf file. I used the recognize text tool and now I'm able to highlight all of the text. I click at the end of word and the cursor remains blinking just as it would in a text editor. However when i press backspace, the cursor moves as if the text were being deleted, however the text remains. Am I doing something wrong?


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat is not a text editor and PDF files were not meant to be edited in

          this way.

          However, if you really must delete some characters you can try the Text

          TouchUp Tool, or (better yet) the Redaction tool.

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            CtDave Level 5

            "Recognize text" is Acrobat X speak for OCR. The text characters you "see" are just pieces of the scanned image you used OCR on.

            The OCR output (unless Clearscan is used) is a hidden "layer" (note - *not* a "Layer" of an optional content group).

            The OCR output provides fonts in rendering mode 3 (no stroke, no fill - so hidden/invisible).

            With Acrobat X's "Edit text" tool you can try selecting a piece of this, going into Properties (right click for context menu) and change font color.

            If this "takes" you can see what is happening to the OCR output characters as you select-delete, backspace, etc.

            Why hidden/invisible OCR output? It is there to facilitate search/find and not there to replace the image.

            Use Clearscan to replace recognized character images.


            Be well...