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    InDesign CS5.5 losing connection to drives + not opening correctly


      PROBLEM 1:


      Been having this problem at work for quite some time and the IT guys have yet to be able to find a solution.


      Our NAS drive seems to have serious issues with InDesign CS5.5 (and sometimes Outlook as well). I am working on Windows 7. When looking through files (namely thumbnails of images) on our NAS drive whilst having an InDesign CS5.5 file open, we lose connection to whatever drive the InDesign file was on and InDesign crashes. It happens regardless of what drive the InDesign file is on - has crashed when using a file on the NAS drive, but mostly when we are using a file on a seperate network drive. More often than not the InDesign file has nothing to do with the NAS drive at all, no linked images or anything like that to it. The error message reads:


      The network connection was lost for the file W:\DESIGN....etc.., or the file was modified by another process.


      The NAS drive details are:

      NAS is a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition [X-RAID2]

      Firmware is RAIDiator 4.2.8


      I believe it must be a problem specifically with the NAS drive, however we don't ever seem to lose conection when using other Adobe programmes, just InDesign. In saying that, Outlook will sometimes lose connection to I drive where our email PST files sit as well during the same InDesign error.


      Has anyone ever had any similar problems or suggestions for what could be causing this?




      PROBLEM 2:


      It often takes us multiple goes to actually get InDesign to open a file properly. For me, if I click on an InDesign file to open it, InDesign will open, and I can see that the file is semi there but the entire artboard is grey and I can't click on anything and eventually it just turns into 'NOT RESPONDING' and I have to force quit and start it again. Sometimes this happens a few times before it actually opens. This is really frustrating and a massive time waster!



      There are 3 designers in our office and all 3 of us have both of these problems occur sometimes multiple times a day.





      Adobe InDesign CS5.5

      Windows 7 (PC - ick!)

      Intel Xeon CPU W3550 @ 3.07GHz

      16GB RAM

      64-bit Operating System

      NAS is a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition [X-RAID2]

      Firmware is RAIDiator 4.2.8