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    I am having problems downloading Lightroom 4


      I currently use LR3 and was thinking of upgrading to LR4.  However after reading about all the performance complaints about LR4, I wanted to try LR4 before purchasing it.  Like many people here, I can successfully log into my adobe account.  But I CANNOT download the trial version of LR4 to save my life.  After I click the "download" button, I get NOTHING.  Like many of you, I tried to chat with a representative but nobody is ever available.  I've been trying to download the trial for LR4 for the past 2 weeks....it is extremely frustrating that Adobe can't get this download process right.  If they can't get this figured out, how can they possibly turn out good software?  I'm beginning to think that I'm better off NOT upgrading to LR4.