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    jpeg shows up when previewing in safari, but not when viewed after uploading to browser. CS5

    millyapple Level 1

      Hi, I'm afraid I don't know the jargon as someone else has set this up for me and I just make new pages based on the templates.

      But I've just uploaded 9 new pages all with 9 small images linked to the corresponding 9 large images. All of them work except one, where I changed the image a couple of months afterwards. So now the 9 small images and it's corresponding large image come up with a blue question mark in Safari, and blank in Firefox. However when you save and click on Preview in Safari etc. it all works fine.

      I've checked the jpeg names have no spaces and no caps. They're exactly the same length as the other jpeg names within that set of pages; nothing longer than 10 letters or numbers. Also they're both RGB as someone mentioned that could be a problem.

      Everything else works fine in the pages and all links work.

      Hope someone can help.