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    CS6 PSD Import Issue


      DISCLAIMER: we are using PPro in what can be argued is an unorthodox manner.


      The project requires importing numerous (200+) PSD files per episode. Each PSD file contains groups. When these PSDs are imported into PPro, grouped layers are 'ungrouped' and simply stacked as normal video layers on top of all the other layers (which were not in groups) from the PSD. Maintaining the structure of the PSD file upon import is imperative to the workflow.


      Obviously, the editor could re-group (nest) the affected layers;however, this is prohibitive when taking into consideration the complexity of the PSD structures, the number of files as well as the project schedule.






      In order to make the WHOLE process more efficient, we decided to:


      1. FIRST import ALL the PSD files into AE

      2. Save the project as a PPro Project

      3. Open that PPro project created by AE


      ...and VIOLA!!


      All the PSD files are now in PPro with just a few clicks AND the PSD files have maintained their structure ( groups are respected and appear as nested sequences)!!


      So what is the problem?


      PPro shows most, but not all, of the media as offline. There is no pattern to what it decides is offline. The number of nests does not seem to be a factor. It simply appears as though there is some issue with how PPro is translating PSD groups into PPro nests.


      Since rebuilding the desired structure of these files is a bigger task than relinking the offline layers, we opt for the latter. But this  'solution' requires someone (to be hired) to relink the offline layers - a task that on one episode took 3.5 hours. A bug? An oversight? A misplaced regular expression in the code (hopefully its that trivial)? Suggestions on alternate workflow within the Adobe lineup?