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    Match product key with appropriate installed machine


      Since it's is damn near impossible to contact the Adobe Support, and when you can contact them on some apparently secret phonenumber, they prove themselves utterly, utterly useless, I might as well ask my question here.


      Online, I can see our license keys. We have 2 single-machine-keys and 1 volume license for 10 machines (for the Design Premium). How can I tell the difference between those two types of keys?


      My second and more important question, is how I can match the different installed machines to the license-keys we have?

      We really need to know this for a reinstall of a repaired computer and to chart our machines and their matching license-keys.


      Any help from the community would be much appreciated, it's a real shame that software that costs thousands of euros offers no support whatsoever.


      I didn't know in which subforum to post this, it's obviously not just for dreamweaver, but for CS5 Design Premium and CS5 Web Premium.


      Kind regards,