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    Menu replays "intro" each time

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I have a menu that I built in After Effects with the intent that it would play a little intro part then transition to the actual menu.


      I imported the Intro/menu footage and set a loop point where the intro ends and the main menu begins. When beginning from the start point of the DVD, this is fine, because we expect to see the intro.


      The problem occurs when I go into the scene selection menus or return from the main timeline, the intro plays again before going into the "menu loop".


      Is there a way to make sure the "intro" only plays the first time the menu is accessed?


      One way to fix this would be to divide the intro and the menu into different assets and have the intro simply play before the menu, but then there is an annoying delay as the DVD switches to the next asset, and the transition between the intro/menu is very smooth.


      Any suggestions?