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    What technique best for this portrait? Remove blue rim light & oragne skin tone.

    pat agonia Level 1


      I'n no good at all this CS5 business!


      I've removed the white background from the original image as it was a January day and net curtains, it left a horrible blue cast around all the family shots. I used the Quick Select Tool and the eraser tool - maybe I was in error?

      1) How do I remove this blue rim light please?


      Also, this girl appears in group shots and is far too oragne when everyone else is milky white - not sure what she thought she was doing having a Tango spray job!

      I applied something already which added some blue to her skin ..... now her teeth have gone cool too so I need to back-track and start on the oragne removal from scratch.

      2) Thus far I've re-opened the finished image into Bridge as it has a specific Orange channel in there, but what trick am I missing whilst the image in open on Photoshop please?


      Many thanks Photoshop gurus!


      TimBLUE HEAD.jpg