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    Text animation question

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I have just a little experience in AE. Working on a video. I want a sequence of text bullets to animate onto a portion of the screen to follow a narration.


      Rather than create a separate text layer for each bullet, I want to import a bulleted doc into a single long title and then keyframe the bullets to match the video.


      I'd like the bullets to appear in a semi-transparent box and have the box animate in and out with the words. Would appreciate a quick tip or a link to a tutorial.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Add a Text Animator e.g. for Opacity, set its Range Selector Mode --> Advanced --> Line and the Units --> Index. All you need. Then simply animate the Start/ End/ Offset of the Range Selector to make each new line appear. while the others will automatically disappear. Add a position Aniamtor to compensate the lines and shift them so they appear in the same place.



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            alexdejesus Level 1

            Yeah, I tried that, but computer didn't like it and crashed. Will try it again with a fresh project. I'm not what the limitations are with importing assets back and forth from Premiere. AE is taking a long time to render the titles

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              percoplus wrote:

              AE is taking a long time to render the titles


              Please clarify what you mean by that.  Not instantaneous?  Not real time?  Hours?  Minutes? 

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                alexdejesus Level 1

                Fairly new computer, i7-2600k processor and Sandy Bridge motherboard. Lots of hard drive space with RAID 0 for storage and previews/fagefile. I just doubled my RAM to 32GB and put in a new GTX 580 graphics card last week. The machine was operating and rendering as fast as I have ever seen it. But for some reason, suddenly it is not so fast. When it renders, it doesn't complete the whole work area. Like for this 3 minute sequence, it stops rendering about half way and plays back the portion that has rendered. But then it behaves is as if it never rendered. AE crashes frequently.


                This on top of trying to figure out how to do these titles is maddening. Premiere is okay, but it gets complicated when I start importing/Dynamic linking between Prem and AE. I have tried deleting the linked assets and starting from scratch, but I am not isolating the problem


                So, I imported a single sequence from Premiere into AE as a guide to make the titles for that sequence. I don't like that it brings in ALL the assets from the entire project. AE became sluggish and froze. So I deleted everything I imported.


                I then tried DynLinking the same sequence into AE, which is supposed to update as I make changes in either application. That also failed, was sluggish at rendering, and froze. 

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                  alexdejesus Level 1

                  @Mylenium. Once I add the opacity animation, to what am I applying the position animator, to the Opacity animation or to the base text as a separate animation?  And I can link the two or do I have to set each keyframe manually? Can I somehow parent the animation to cues in the audio/video track?


                  And will I be able to maneuver all of this to suit client changes?


                  Also, I was originally going to use the type on preset.

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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                    There's always multiple ways to skin a cat. You really need to read up on text animators. Whether you use separate animators for each property or put them all in one animator is very much a matter of taste or what kind of look you need and how you want the overlapping modes for Add/Subtract/Intersect to function based on how you stack the animators to give the desired result. Or in your case, you simply only apply an opacity animator to type on your text, then animate the layer position with 2 keyframes that moves it exactly 1 line, then use a loopOut("offset") expression to repeat it infinitely... So many ways. As for your technical issues, you might wanan consider reinstalling your operating system. This could be outdated configuration data somewhere. Same for flushing the BIOS and letting it auto-configure. Also verify, that you have properly plugged in your new memory bars and that they exactly match tthe old ones. Different memory timing can be quite detremental as it makes the BIOS use a mode that is compatible with both types, but not necessarily the native high performance timing of either two...



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                      alexdejesus Level 1

                      @Mylenium I always cringe when someone says to 'Simply do this..." or "simply of matter of..." Lol! Because then I feel even more stupid for not getting it.


                      I ended up doing it the long way - animated 'In' opacity, 'out' opacity and position on the one text layer with too many keyframes to be practical. I saw a tutorial on Lynda.com about expressions, including a loopOut offset. He made it look easy, but I'm having a heck of a time grasping it. 


                      In Premiere I placed in the timeline where each new line should appear. Then Dynamic linked the sequence into AE for the titles. I'm thinking I can convert the markers into keyframes that will trigger the expression, but I just cannot figure it out