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    Export to PDF problem - need urgent help

    jebriskham@tiscali.co.uk Level 1

      Folks - I am praying someone can help me please. I have a tight deadline for getting something to the printers.


      My HDD on my PC went with a plop this week. New disk is in and all up and running with Adober Creative Suite 5 and Adobe Acrobat 9 pro all re-loaded.


      I am having trouble printing a page (which was giving no issues on my previous install) to export to PDF, so I am guessing I have a setting wrong somewhere in Illustrator.


      I am trying to export this file to a PDF Print format.


      And it comes out in the PDF with a fair bit of the text missing, like this.


      I am panicing as I have to get this to the printers within the next hour. Is there anyone that can help me solve this problem please?