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    Need help getting access with RC2 of LR4 to a catalog that was processed with RC1


      I have been successfully using RC1 on my home desktop Mac Pro to process images from my new 5D3, but hadn't upgraded to RC2.  Now, I'm on the road getting ready to start a 4 day photo workshop using a MacBook Pro and the same portable drive with all my photo stuff that had been attached to the desktop at home.  Sadly, I wasn't smart enough to apply the same LR4 DVD that I had used on my desktop and upgrade to RC1 when that was still available.


      So, here in the hotel, I loaded an eval LR4 and then installed RC2 (since it appears that RC1 is not accesible any more).  Now, however, LR4 won't open the LR4 catalog that I had processed with RC1. 


      Suggestions, anyone?