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    Does modifying a template retroactively modify all pages based on it?  Or is that just for CSS?

    DreamWeaverBeliever Level 1

      Using CSS style sheets doesn't appeal to me due to the risk that modifying them will enact changes sort of retroactively on all pages incorporating such CSS material.  For me, each page is different and I'd rather not have to check each page previously created just to try and make sure that inadvertently implemented changes don't clash with desired content in at least some browsers.   The CSS-related time savings isn't worth the added time-consumption for me.    


          Hopefully pages created that are based merely on templates do not have such retroactive modification vulnerabilities, though?    I'd like to create a template that I might modify as time goes.   Meanwhile I'd use that template to create pages.   Hopefully gradual modifications to the template over time wouldn't sort of retroactively impose modifications to all pages previously created and based on it?   Any thoughts, please?