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    Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Fonts not found

    kent7387 Level 1

      We are changing our user from a Mac to a Windows (7) based computer and we are running in to issues with files that she created on the Mac version of Adobe Illustrator. She used some fonts (AGaramond-BoldItalic for example) and it works great on the Mac. I copied all the font files to the windows computer and made sure they work (opened Illustrator and created a document with the fonts).


      The issue now is that when we open the old documents from the Mac on the Windows computer it gives an error "Font not found on the system; missing font has been substituted."


      I am not sure how to tell the file that the fonts Are there because when it opens all the fonts are to a default Arial.


      So far I have tried:


      • Removing all Adobefnt*.lst files
      • Resetting adobe settings by holding ctrl+alt+shift and opening the program
      • Testing the file on a brand new user account
      • uninstall and reinstall the program


      None of these have worked.