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    CS 5.5 subscription




      I know this is a question for customer support, but can't get through. So I'll ask it here. I currently have the "Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium Subscription Edition one-year." Will this covert to Creative Cloud automatically? What do I have to do to assure the upgrade?


      Thanks for and feedback.

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          TruuBeliever Newcomer

          I was able to get through on customer service chat. The rep said the 5.5 subscription will automatically upgrade to 6.0. BUT when I used the adobe store and it checked my eligibility for Creative Cloud,it returned (the automatic checker) that I qualified for the $29.99 pricing. I do have an annual subscription for which I pay $49.99 per month. So, my new questions are: will the CS5.5 subscription become a Creative Cloud subscription? AND What will the price be? $29.99, $49.99, or 79.98?


          Hopefully other users have the answer. Thank you for any information.

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            David__B Ninja

            Hi WatchDigNAWCC,


            I don't have your account info but I think I can answer some of your questions


            - CS5.5 subscription become a Creative Cloud subscription? Yes

            - Based on the information provided, it sounds like you qualify for an annual Creative Cloud subscription at $49.99


            Hope that helps,



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              TruuBeliever Newcomer

              Thanks for the info Dave. I'm getting conflicting information. The first customer support person answered as indicated above. Got your answer. Adobe store says I qualify for an additional $29.99 a month. And this is what the last customer rep. wrote a few minutes ago:


              "Gina: I'm sorry to inform you that subscription services cannot be upgraded."


              Really all I want to know is how do I upgrade and what the cost will be.


              Again, any answers are appreciated.

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                David__B Ninja

                If the agent that you spoke with gave you any kind of case number and you could post it here I will investigate further

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                  TruuBeliever Newcomer

                  Thanks David,


                  I didn't actually talk to anyone at Adobe. My communication was through the "Chat with a Representive." I plan to call early next week and ask about it. I'll post what I find out.



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                    KA MBeck

                    I have this exact question.. Please let us know how it goes!

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                      TruuBeliever Newcomer

                      I called adobe customer support. The rep said that the subscription will automatically upgrade when CS6 is released. He didn't ask for any account specifics, but said a lot of people are calling with this question. I explained the mutliple answers I've gotten and his response: "This is the correct answer." So we'll see what happens when cs6/creative cloud is released.

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                        KA MBeck Newcomer

                        But I am interested to know if we will get the discount. If not, I want to cancel and start new!

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                          KA MBeck Newcomer

                          I am not sure if I would have gotten the intro price if I had waited, but I called adobe and got my pre-order in for the creative cloud. As a coincidence, My CS5.5 one year commitment runs out on the 9th, so I just turned off the auto renew.

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                            David__B Ninja

                            Users with current subscriptions should automatically get converted over to Creative Cloud or the CS6 version of their individual product depending on which kind of subscription they have (when Creative Cloud/CS6 are available).


                            There is also a special offer for getting a Creative Cloud Membership for a year at a discounted price as a promotion in relation to the product launch for customers that qualify. Customers that quality for this were sent an email about the offer. To take advantage of the offer you can contact Adobe customer service which will cancel your current subscription and set you up for Creative Cloud Membership. You do need to be a current subscriber to use the offer.

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                              craigget1 Newcomer

                              I have the subscription service for Photoshop Extended and I received an email from adobe that my subscrpition would be transfered to the creative cloud and that I qualify for and would pay $29.99 per month. So I would think that you would get the same deal.

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                                TruuBeliever Newcomer



                                Interestingly the My Adobe account page no long has a link to download apps (not that I can see). The layout of the page has also changed. I've been checking it regularly to see if there is an upgrade to my subscription. My Products and My Subscriptions display, but the link to download is gone. Also, a few times I logged in, it displayed my products correctly but reported "none" under subscriptions. This may all be part of the rollout process for Creative Cloud. I have seven months remaining on my CS5.5 subscription (when it does display) and my billing date is coming up so it will be interesting to see if I'm billed correctly. Has anyone else noticed these changes? I hope it's a good sign that CS6/Creative Cloud will soon be available.



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                                  TruuBeliever Newcomer

                                  Got Creative Cloud access. Everything seems to be working. Good job.

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                                    David__B Ninja

                                    Glad you hear you are up and running