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    Cannot install CS3 or CS4 or Pre Ele. 9 on Win7 machine


      In March, all of a sudden all my CS4 product started asking for me to accept (again) the EULA. I click "accept" and screen goes away but nothing happens. I had PS ele and Pre ele on the same machine so as a fall back try to launch them. They simply do not launch. The products I use most from CS4 are Photoshop, AI and DW, and I NEED Premiere elements for a project due imminently!


      I eneded up uninstalling all my Adobe products (I had CS3, CS4 and Pre and PS elements) and tried reinstalling. They errored out, all of them, seems commonly at Adobe Bridge but that could be irrelevant. CS4 errored out during installation and CS3 after whole process was completed (got report where nothing was installed; Pre Ele 9 got through 90% of the install then backed everything out - nothing was installed. Looked on forums and found the CAPS db needs deleting (because then got message "installer database is corrupt msg., which I did from x86 folder and 64 bit folder) and to try the CS Cleaner tool (which I used) and the Adobe Support Assistant (which stated "unidentified issue, and to contact CS).


      I ran a system diagnostic and all files are OK, cleaned up the registry too using "Your Un-installer" tool.  I have wasted over 6 hours on this and have production deadlines looming. I hope you can help!!!