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    LR4.1 RC2: Dialog for "Remove chromatic aberration" not/incorrectly translated into German Language

    Thieme Markus

      The German version for the new Remove chromatic aberration dialog partly appears in english language. Other parts have been translated incorrectly:


      The term "Defringe amount" has been (incorrectly) translated to "Anzahl". Note that the term "amount" can not be translated into "Anzahl" if the amount represents a continous value (you could say "Die Anzahl der Äpfel ist zehn" but "Die Anzahl der Breite ist zehn" would be incorrect). A correct translation would be "Korrekturbetrag" or possibly "Korrekturwert".


      Furthermore, the terms "Purple Hue" and "Green Hue" have not been translated at all. You might use "Violetter Farbton" and "Grüner Farbton" respectively.


      Furthermore, the text that appears when the eyedropper is selected has not been translated at all.


      Please check with your localization experts.


      Best regards,


      Markus (German native speaker)