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    Help on scrollable frame with buttons linking to an MSO?

    HugoKing321 Level 1


      I've just started to look at an idea using maps which I wanted to take further if possible but I'm having problems getting it to work already.


      The layout has a large world map (built in Illustrator) with a visual key to indicate the destinations (featured in the MSO). I added invisible Indesign frames as buttons over the destinations linking to the MSO outside of the scrollable frame which changes state when users click on the buttons.


      - Illustrator map file placed on pasteboard, frames added over Ai file and converted to buttons with on click events to the MSO.


      - I group the map and buttons, cut and paste into a new frame, set that frame to a scrollable frame.


      When I preview through the Adobe content viewer the buttons don't work and I just activate the OS chrome. I've tested the buttons work from the interactive preview window so it seems something must be happening when I create the scrollable frame.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've tried another simpler version but get same problems, so not sure how to troubleshoot the issue further.