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    Does PDFMaker damage a template Normal.dot?


      I have installed Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard and noticed that editor MS office Word has a strange exit.


      It will now always asks and offers to save Normal.dot with next message.



      "The general template "Normal.dot" has changed. Save it?"



      Although I have not changed any settings, the MS Word and did not write any macros.

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          CtDave Level 5

          Before PDFMaker can process the open Word file the Word file must be saved.

          This assures that the output PDF reflects the open Word file's content.

          As it is Word, not Acrobat, that controls the Word file it is Word asking, through the interface with Acrobat, about saving any potential changes to the normal.dot.


          fwiw - to keep the installed normal.dot "pure" consider:

          (1) have the file backed up somewhere

          (2) if mastering content that needs layout/format different than what normal.dot provides

            --| create and save new templates to use

            --| go into Word's templates to use what is there. Or download desired templates. Customize and save these for use.



          Be well...


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