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    Wrong AE clips Playing in Premiere

    AMXkyle Level 1

      This is in Production Premium CS5.5


      Ok, this problem suddenly started the other day on a different project, and now it's happening on the new project. This is really annoying.


      What I am doing:

      I am creating an "infographic" style video with audio and synced graphics/text. I am creating multiple short animation sequences (comps) in After Effects with my speech audio, and then adding them into Premiere (Import->AE Project->Select Comp) to peice together, add underlying music, add some other video pieces, etc. This let's me view my project without having to render in AE or worry about syncing multiple sub-comps together (Premiere timeline is easier).


      I have a single After Effects project. My Premiere project is also a single project and single sequence (of course).


      What's happening:

      Everything was working fine. I built an entire video using this method with no problems. Then, one day, everything got out of sync in Premiere. The right audio would play, but the video would be from a different composition, or a different point in the same composition. I go back to After Effects, and I don't have this issue. I've tried copying the AE file and renaming, creating a completely new Premiere project, and then adding. I STILL have the same issues. I've tried deleting my render files... I don't know what else to do.


      I know the workarounds. I can render each AE comp to video and import to premiere (which would cause video degradation and take a lot of time), or sync as a single composition in AE (hard to do without a timeline). Any suggestions on what would actually be causing the dynamic linking not to work, or know of a way to fix it????

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Don't use any numbers in your AE comps or project names.  If you absolutely have to, spell them out.  (Comp One, Comp Two, etc.)


          See if that helps.

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            AMXkyle Level 1

            Really? Weird. OK. I will give it a try on Monday.


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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              The bug (yes, I think of it as a bug) that Jim refers to is because After Effects increments numbers at the ends of file names when it saves a copy. But the dynamic link doesn't catch that and then refers to the wrong version.


              We added a preference in CS6 to get around this problem. It's a preference because we didn't want to break people's exisiting workflows.


              There will be more information about this forthcoming as we put out the details of the CS6 software over the next few weeks.

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                AMXkyle Level 1

                Ok, so removing all numbers from my AE projects seems to have worked. I didn't have incremental numbering at the end of my files, but I had numbers at the beginning to order them for myself, followed by a bit of the script text (1- In the busieness world, 2- a lot of professionals, etc.).


                I haven't tried this on the other project that was having the most of the issues, but this did solve the problem on my second project, so I imagine it would fix the other as well.


                Thanks a lot everyone!