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    I am having browser compatibility issues when using Spry MenuBar


      I need help. I am building a website with two Spry MenuBar, an horizontal and a vertical. It all appears to work well in Firefox and Safari, but it doesn´t display correctly on IE. When I do the browser compatibility it says I have these errors:


      Found 1 errors in Hazme_titulos.css


      Affects: Internet Explorer for Macintosh 5.2



      Found 1 errors in MenuVerticalHazme.css


      Affects: Firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0; Internet Explorer 8.0; Internet Explorer for Macintosh 5.2; Netscape 8.0; Opera 8.0, 9.0; Safari 2.0, 3.0


      Please I need help! This is the web page: www.hazmecuento.com