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    Flash Files failed to open - HELP!!

    Graemzy HarderEdge

      Hey, can somebody please help me out,  I have been getting this problem everytime i try to save my document.  I am tryin to make a a flash website for a collage project.


      I made the design in Photoshop and imported it into Flash.  It works fine untill i save it close and try to reopen it again.


      I keep getting this message.




      I have tried saving it in different locations.  same thing happens. 


      any ideas on how i can recover and also how i can stop this from happening?  I tried opening on differnt computers, Im on a PC here at home but the same thing happend on the iMac in collage.   

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          THe first thing I would try (And avoid) is using exclamation marks in folder names.  I cannot say without doing a little research, but those might be invalid characters to use.

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            Graemzy HarderEdge Level 1

            Ok thanks, Ned, that is a good suggestion and i Will change the folder names but ALL of my other Adobe stuff is in that folder and has been for years.  Never cause any problems. anyway windows will prompt if you try to save an invalid charater.


            I have also got other flash files in that same folder that open fine and work no problem.


            It seems to only be this PSD that is causing the problems.


            I my PSD I have folders within folders, do yas think this might be the problem, I have made them all Movie Clips importing them,  Im graspin at straws here i know but i cant think of anything else.


            I have tried saving it as a compressd (.xfl) cs5 doc and same thing happens.


            a cs4 will reopen but i loose the tfl text???