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    How to get "Subject" & "Message" text from Flash form to default e-mail MS Outlook?




      I have the following code which is working fine except I can't get the user typed data from flash form to my default e-mail (MS Outlook) application. How to edit the following code?


      In the code:

      1) To  ---->  this field is okay since this email ID doesn't change

      2) Cc  ---->  this filed is also okay since no changes will be in email ID

      3) Subject  ----> this may not be always as "Feedback", user may like to change the subject


      Whant I would like to add more here is:

      1) From  ----> this text to be retrieved from "fromText.txt" input text box

      2) Message  ----> this text to be retrieved from "MessageText.txt" input text box


      //1.Button event listener
      SendMail.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, SendEMail);


      //2.The SendMail function open up email application to send email.

      function SendEMail(event:MouseEvent):void {
      var email:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mailto:administrator@helpdesk.com?CC=poweruser@helpdesk.com&Subject=Feedback");
      navigateToURL(email, "_blank");


      Thanks in advance for any support.