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    Stubborn! (LR4)

    ThomasH_on_the_web Level 1

      I am one of the users of manual focus non-CPU lenses on Nikon bodies,

      especially the shift lens 28mm/f3.5.  Ever since LR2 I am reporting that

      Lightroom interprets wrongly the EXIF data as generated by Nikon bodies.

      Note that the lens is "registered" with the D300 (or D7000 in this example)

      and that EXIF contains the information 28mm F/3.5.


      Unfortunately, ah well, LR 4 still has this flaw. An example:



      f/0.0, "the infinite light"!


      Needless to say, this is not correct. To be consistent with all other indicators,

      in parenthesis we should have the lens information:


      1/160 sec, ISO 1250, (28mm f/3.5)


      One improvement is that the wrong aperture indication is now removed.

      In LR3 we would have seen 1/160sec at f/3.5 etc, what was completely

      wrong. Correct is that LR does not know the actual aperture value of

      this lens.


      Of course, one might argue, it is a secondary issue, not affecting the

      quality of the image processing.




      PS: It is also stubborn that this forum's spell checker still considers

      the word "Lighroom" as a misspelling. Come on Forum Master, add that

      word to the dictionary!!