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    Comments and highlights

    gee meesh

      I cannot view the comments or highlights after I re-open the document. They also disappear free I mail the document.

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          I have this question too. I lost all the notes I made for the homework, just can't see the comments. Is there anybody know thw reason?

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            Gaurav Jain (GJ) FormerEmployees

            Could you please share the PDF at adobereader-ios@adobe.com so we can investigate the issue?




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              Peter W Ash

              I have a similar problem in that I can see the comments on my iPad but can't get then to replicate back to the Dropbox and the. Back to my PC for business storage.

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                Same problem here.  I am on the iPad3 and was really excited to find this app so I could review records on my iPad and create the report on my PC at the same time. I just lost 90 minutes of work because all of my highlights, comments, and free script disappeared. I had just tried to email the document so don't know if that had anything to do with it.  Without editing capabilties, this won't help me at all.

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                  I am having the same issue. I have a PDF from a bank; spent 3 hours filling out but when I email it to myself and open in Adobe Reader for Mac, all signatures and comments are not there. Ouch!

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                    I have the same problem. I recently installed the adobe reader for my iPad and started to work in one of my PDF files creating notes and highlighting some important parts. After 2hours of work, I closed the app and later when I wanted to get back to work found all the notes and highlightings gone!!  What a waste of time...


                    I also found by the pictures in the AppStore that this app includes a feature to add some bookmarks in the PDF, which is great, but I couldn't find it. In the picture the button appears at the lower corner in the right along with the pages control dial.


                    Hope you could find a solution for this issue, cause the app seems great and with the bookmark feature, even better



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                      Gaurav Jain (GJ) FormerEmployees

                      Hi Alejandro,


                      With Adobe Reader you can “view and navigate” bookmarks already present in a PDF document, but you cannot create new ones.  We have taken down your request for bookmarks creation for consideration in a future update.


                      Regarding the comments issue – we’re aware of this issue and it’s on our top priority list for the next update.




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                        fipronil123 Community Member

                        I found an interesting work around for being able to view signature and comments in other programs after making them in Adobe Reader iOS. After making the edit, if I use the 'Open In' option from within the program and select 'iAnnotate', another PDF markup app available in the App Store, it preserve all the edits. I can then flatten the PDF and email it. I hate to suggest using a competing product to make this work, but I'm using Adobe Reader for reviewing and signing all documents for a home purchase so it was serious business. The simplicity of this Adobe app makes it attractive; the signature option works really well. Add in a typewriter function and it will be really good.