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    Capture date/time as shown in Grid View Bottom Label - bug??

    ski ne where

      I have a number of older pictures in my library that don't have Capture Date in the metadata.  Windows Explorer Propoerties typically shows info like this, for these files:


      Created: Tues, Mar 11, 2009 <time>

      Modified: Wed, June 12, 2002 <time>

      Accessed: Thu, Sept, 13, 2006 < time>


      In my experience, PSE assumes the "Modified" date as capture date with files like this. (A good assumption, for these pics Im looking at now.)


      From what I can tell, LR also uses the "modified" date when sorting these pictures' thumbnails. And when I do Metadata > Edit Capture Date, it shows the Modified date as the Original (all good so far).


      BUT, in Grid View of the Library module, I have View Options set to show capture date in the Bottom Labal, and here it shows the "Created" date.  (So it like 2009 pictures are getting placed next to 2002 pics, in what's supposed to be a chronoligical sort.)


      That's gotta be a bug, yes?