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    [..\..\Src\pp\\PPixHandleUtilities.cpp-114] Error


      Im sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I dont know what else to do. When i use AME or Export as Movie Im getting the ugly [..\..\Src\pp\\PPixHandleUtilities.cpp-114] error! Afterwards i get an unable to compile error. i have scoured the internet looking for answers. I have tried a few of the solutions but nothing seems to work. I have a project for my college class im working on and i need to figure this out. To start over would be a hefty process that does not sound like something i want to do. Any advice on what i can do or where i should to look for answers would be great! Thanks!


      So far i have tried zooming all the way in on my tracks and looking for blank spots, i have tried adding a transparent video on the top layer spanning the entire sequence, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, importing my project into another project, using different project setting, different export settings, and so far nothing has seemed to work.


      I know its ancient but im running CS3 and my machine is running AMD Quad-Core Processor with 8GB ram.