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    Do I need to make folios when using "export to kindle" plugin?


      I am making an interactive magazine (links and pictures are clickable) that is composed mostly of pictures. I've gone through lots of tutorials on how to make folios and preview them on your ipad which works great. I would now like to upload it to Amazon to be bought as an e-book and have downloaded the "export to kindle plugin", which shows you can export a document. Can I export a whole folio or do I have to make my magazine be in one single document and then export it?


      If anyone has an alternative way I can upload my folio to Amazon ebooks, that would be great.


      Also I have one more question: the folder structure for folios shows I have to have a "links" folder in ever folder within the folio, what is supposed to go in here? (please be specific, I'm a newbie)