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    Epub error: IO Error on Network Request

    EmondMontgomery Level 1

      We added an epub to our online store. On uploading to ACS with the upload tool, everything went fine. All our other ACS PDF ebooks are accessible, but the epub is not. When I try to get it, I get the message "IO Error on Network Request ... Error #2038". There is no such problem for any other ACS book in the store. On our ACS server, the file is where the error message reports it to be: [webroot]/media/[filename].epub. What is Error #2038? What might the issue be? With the file itself? Possible resolutions?


      Note: There are in fact two versions of the epub, with different permissions. To differentiate them, we changed the content.opf file <dc:title> field; we edited the file directly with BBEdit. The file as last uploaded opens fine in Digital Editions. But maybe the editing wasn't quite kosher for ACS purposes? (We've known ACS to be twitchy about file formats.)


      Any help or insight would be appreciated.




      Jim Lyons

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          EmondMontgomery Level 1

          New problem:


          I validated the epub using epubcheck and found some problems, including the presence of iTunesMetadata.plist and some .DS_Store files. I unzipped the epub and removed the files, then zipped it using the Mac command line. This time the epub passed validation with no errors. I deleted the existing epubs from ACS and from our online store, then uploaded the epub to ACS using the upload tool. The epub went up fine. I exported the books.xml catalogue file, verified that the epub was listed, verified that the epub was in fact in the ACS media directory, and then refreshed the online store inventory with the books.xml file. Problem: The epub does not show up in the store inventory. The epub is in ACS (All Inventory and Distributor Inventory). The books.xml file exported from ACS and books.xml file stored in the online store directory are identical. But the epub does not show up in the online store.


          Any insight into the problem? Any suggestions for a solution?


          History: I've had problems before with getting PDF ebooks that are in ACS to show up in our online store inventory. The solutions to the problems have involved deleting images from the PDFs. I don't know why ACS can be OK with a file but the online store is not.


          Any insight would be appreciated.