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    Not having fun with trying to use .mts files


      I'm just about at wits end here.  I had a previous discussion where Steve Grisetti pointed me towards his videos.  I watched them but still don't feel I'm any further along.


      Here are the details


      Computer - MacBook Pro with 2.8 Intel Core Duo processor running 10.6.8


      Premiere Elements 10


      Panasonic HDC TM900


      I have two videos I am trying to edit.  Both are about two hours in length.




      The videos were recorded with these settings



      13.3m (4684x2736 16:9 aspect ratio according to the manual)


      "not" in 60P.  Per phone conversation with Panasonic, if the camera was "not" set to 60P the by default at HA1920 it was recording in "i"


      I believe the audio was in 5.1 but have not confirmed that.




      Adobe Premiere setting


      on setting up a new project


      NTSC-AVCHD-Full HD1080i 30 5.1 channel (have tried other 1920 settings to no avail)


      Using "Get Media" to bring the .mts files into the project. (I have tried both importing from the camera and importing from the HD where the entire file structure was copied from the camera.  No change in results)


      I'm selecting "Highest" for playback quality and 100% for the magnification.


      Here is a link to a screen grab.  What I'm seeing watching the preview is just not good and is similar to the screen grab.  Video playback however on a television from the camcorder is crystal clear. 


      Do I have a bad workflow, is there some "setting" that I'm missing or is there another method I need to try to get the video from the camera to the program?  I'm not trying to do anything fancy at all with the video.  I'm going to segment it, add a simple opening and closing transition and a title to each scene. 


      The final output or endstate is to put a viewable file onto DVD for distribution.  I want to maintain as much quality as possible from the original file.