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    ERROR: The Importer Reported Generic Error


      I just purchased PE 10 about 2 weeks ago after trial version which I installed on separate machine and utilized for Photoshop. I purchased it, because of Adobe's trusted reputation. I installed purchased copy in high end machine containing Corsair 120 Force GT SSD Sata 3 root drive with 2 additional internal 500 gb each storage drives. One WD & Seagate Barracuda at 7200 rpm.


      Photoshop portion works without any glitches. PE10 reports said error message upon attempts at 95 percent of my .vob, .TS & .wmv files, which should be compatible as stated by Adobe. I am able to open same files on Windows Movie Maker and WMP.

      I contacted Adobe support and was disconnected during troubleshooting by Adobe rep.  Second attempt lead me to a rep who did not really have any answers or resolve. His explanation was to keep looking for files which would open only on the root drive as network drives, logical drives and external drives are not supported by Adobe. I complied and copied files to C: Drive at his request to no avail. Problem persists.

      Basically, you need an enormous: Drive to accommodate the huge amount of space videos & photos normally capacitate. In my case, over 469 gigs.    


      Maybe it's me, but you would think Adobe would consider the fact no one in their right mind would relegate pertinent data to root drive as it is where the OS resides, thus is susceptible to crashes and data loss. Yes, OS should be partitioned separately from data, but anyone who really knows hardware, ie: hard drives, would be fully aware the entire drive can become unstable and usuable due to OS crashes.



      1. Why has Adobe not taken a closer look at what appears to be a proprietary issue as opposed to informing its customers that their files are corrupt? 
      2. Why does Adobe not offer fixes\resolves to importing (Get Media) issues such as addins, plugins, hotfixes, possible Codecs and\or conversion software when this is in fact their responsibility when advertising claims of compatibility with said files?
      3. Why does Adobe not support importation of files residing in NAS External Drives and internal logical drives, as this is the direction of the end user home industry?
      4. Has anyone in these forums actually been able to resolve ERROR  Message: "The Importer Reported Generic Error"?



      Please feel free to answer and\or comment on my statements\questions as I am simply a customer looking for resolve and would be more than willing to retract what I have mentioned here for some real support from Adobe.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          None of us here work for Adobe and we can't speculate what goes on in Adobe's mind(s).


          If you'd like to contact Adobe, please click the Contact Adobe button at the bottom of any page on this site.


          You really haven't given us much to respond to. The project settings for using VOBs as your source video are very different from those for a project composed of .mts video. And I wouldn't even recommend you're using WMVs as your source video. You've likely got a number of issues going on at the same time, then. Without some more focused troubleshooting I'm not anyone can help you.


          Still, your issues seem to be with Adobe, so I'd start by contacting them rather than posting complaints about them to a user to user forum.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have never had any problem, when Importing files from my NAS, but found early on, that it was too slow a process to use and edit effectively. Same for other mapped networked drives. After those initial tests, I just altered my workflow. I still use my NAS to archive my Assets, but will Copy those to my "media drive" (my D:\ on my system). My Project files are on my E:\ drive, and only my OS and programs are on C:\. Note: those are all physical HDD's, and NOT partitions. That layout works 100% for me. In my case, it was not a inability to use the NAS, or mapped networked drives (for Assets ONLY), but the speed of the gigabit (dual in my case) network being too slow for me to edit comfortably.


            Premiere (both PrPro and PrE) work best with at least two physical HDD's, and even better with three.


            Where Premiere has issues with networked drives will usually be where one has mapped My Documents to a networked drive, or where the user has located the working files (Scratch Disks) to a networked HDD. That situation can create issues.


            I have never encountered any "Importer" error messages, and really do not recall seeing others with that issue, so cannot help there.


            Good luck, and wish that I had more to offer.



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