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    Changing p0 to inches

    djliefer Level 1

      How do I change the p0 in the document set up to inches? I already tried changing in the preferences, but it reverts back to the p0 which I don't even know what that is.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Welcome to the world of graphic design. First time visitor, are you? "p0" is nothing -- it's "0p0", and that stands for zero pica's and zero pica points.


          The online help for "measurement units" answers your question: http://indesignsecrets.com/change-measurement-systems-on-the-fly.php

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            Mr. Met Level 3

            p is picas and points. 2p would be 2 picas. 2p6 is 2 picas, 6 points. There are 12 pts in a pica.


            Open a new ID doc, click in the ruler at the top and right click. Convert to inches. Click in the ruler along the left side, right click and convert to inches. This should now be your new default setting.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Just righ click in the upper left corner of the rulers. You'll get 'em both.



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                djliefer Level 1

                This changed the units of measure, but did not change my default. When I open a new document it still says 0p.

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                  MT.Freelance Level 4

                  To change your default unts:


                  Close all open documents.

                  Open InDesign Preferences

                  Go to Units & Increments

                  Set Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Units to desired option (such as Inches)

                  Click OK




                  That will set your units for all future documents.

                  Existing documents will have to be changed when opened.


                  Personally, I use Points, set to 72 pts per inch. I feel I have more control over object size and placement.

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                    djliefer Level 1

                    Thanks! That worked. I need to set my document sizes in inches because that's how the magazines give me their dimensions for ad sizes.


                    Can you set the document preferences different than the rulers? What's the difference as far as ease of placement for images when using the picas?

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                      MT.Freelance Level 4

                      I do not use picas, so I cannot comment on how useful they would be. 6p0 would be equivalent to 1 inch, or 72 points.


                      I use points beacuse:

                      • It is the same unit of measure for the text (font size in points)
                      • At 72 points per inch, it is roughly equivalent to the pixel resolution on images (72 pixels per inch).
                      • I can adjust things by points, where each point equals 0.01389 inches. It is easier to adjust by adding 1 or more points than by large decimals of inches, even though the dialog boxed can do the math for you.
                        • If you need to set something as a scale in inches, you can still enter that number into any field, and the field will convert it for you,
                        • Enter 1.25 in, and you get 90 points.


                      Still, it is my personal preference. It is not the only way to do things.




                      PS: When you set the preference using the rules, you are setting the document preference. Though, each ruler can be different.  For instance you can have inches vertical and picas horizontal.

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                        Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You can leave your document as Pica for the measurement.


                        When you create a new documeent simply type in


                        8.5 inches

                        10 inches


                        and it will convert to the pica equivalent.


                        That's fine. You can then use Picas as the ruler.



                        I used to do all my measurements in picas but I found that others couldn't use them so I reverted to millimeters.

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                          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          In fact - you can type in any measurement anywhere


                          Say if you are using inches as you're ruler and you want to move the X Co-ord a fraction of an inch.


                          You can simply type into the X Cords in the top right which will read say 4 in - after this type in "+1p"


                          Which will move the selected item 0.166 of an inch, your new coord will be 4.166



                          And you can do that with loads of things in indesign, simply add, substract, divide using "+", "-", "*", "/" anywhere where a numerical meaurement is used, and use any measurement available.

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                            dfgsdrsdr Level 1

                            a thousand thanks, that's been bugging me for forever.

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                              cakeholio Level 1

                              awesome...thanks, MT.Freelance -- you're the only one who ACTUALLY answered the question. All the rest of you art-**** talkin' about picas where missing the point.

                              After closing all docs, I was finally able to change the preference -- (BTW: that seems like a bug)

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                                MT.Freelance Level 4

                                It is not a bug, though at first glance it may seem to be.


                                With no documents open, changing the preference sets the new preference for

                                future documents without altering any existing documents without your

                                direct intervention..


                                With a document open, changing the preference affects ONLY the open

                                document without chancing your workspace.


                                So, if you prefer to work in Pica's and have a one-off project that demands

                                the file be delivered in mm, you can change the document without impacting

                                your personal workspace.


                                It may seem like a hassle to work the preferences this way, but I believe

                                it gives more control to the designer.



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                                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                                  It's not a bug, it's by design.


                                  I love this behaviour. I set up everything to my taste long ago; now when I create a new document, I have sensible defaults assigned to virtually every fuction. Much better than creating a template or something and having to open that every time!

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                                    Carol Nix Level 1

                                    I hope Adobe gets a clue that designers are not using PICA rulers and setting type anymore! This has got to be one of THE most frustrating things they've ever done to designers.

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                                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      You'd be surprised.


                                      It's a default and is easily changed. In fact, you could have done it faster than posting here.



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                                        Vikrant Rai Adobe Employee

                                        For additional information on specifying measurements, see Rulers & Measurement Units help article. The article also contains a table with examples on how to specify values using non-default units.

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                                          mohammedmahmood Level 1

                                          Please run the InDesign application and do not create any new document and go to Preferences>>>Units & Increments and set the  unit as inches  in Horizontal and  Vertical fields and press ok , from now onward you will get inches by default in the new document set up window

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                                            jpinc Level 1

                                            +100 on the fact that I haven't come across someone using picas since 1998. It's an all but dead measurement system.

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                                              Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

                                              Consider the professional benefits of knowing and using the Pica (and its sub-unit, points) measurement system:


                                              1. PostScript computer drawing language is founded on Picas/Points at 6 picas per inch / 12 points per pica / 72 points per inch. Therefore, all the math within InDesign is most accurate at its native measurement system.


                                              2. Bear in mind that this electronic-era Pica/Point system is different (slightly, at 72.27 points to the inch) from the Pica system of metal typesetting days.


                                              3. Why use it if North Americans are born and raised on inches? Why use it if Europeans are familiar with the metric system? (And I'm not trying to define all parts of the globe ... this is just a rough illustration.) The main benefit is the simplicity of math that is based on sixes and twelves as opposed to twos and fours (inches) and tens (metric). A unit of measure based on sixes and twelves can easily be divided by 2, 3, and 4. This makes a tri-fold brochure or a three-column newsletter easier to measure. Ask yourself: Have you ever measured a third of an inch? Likely No! Imperial inches often bring you to fractions like 11/32. Can you type that into a dialog box field easily? No! Can you divide an 8.5 x 11 inch page easily into thirds without painful repeating decimal inches. No again! Can you even calculate that in your head? My experience says no, you cannot. But it is all easy, whole numbers when you use Picas.


                                              4. Professionals in the printing and graphic design industry in the US where I live commonly work in Picas/Points and are natively comfortable with inches, too. Maybe you should consider the two to be close cousin measurement systems, affording simple math advantages sometimes in one; sometimes in the other. It is trivial in at least two ways to change the measurement system of any document: Either right-click the ruler's Zero point, or type the explicit measurement system into a dialog box field. There is even a shortcut for it (Cmd+Opt+Shift+U, I think.)


                                              I have to comment on the claim that you haven't come across picas since 1998. As the native measurement system of all PostScript Adobe software, it is certainly not dead. It is a reborn innovation. The fact that many aren't using it simply indicates the enormous paucity of education in our industry. With the 1980s, many seasoned folks retired when computers came along. The next generations were mainly self-taught, and this has left big experience gaps for us all to re-discover.


                                              Next time you encounter Picas/Points, give them a hug, why don't you?!

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                                                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Another advantage of learning and using picas which I like to teach my students. It's much easier to do quick calculations.


                                                You need to add 1-5/8" to 3-7/8". Bet you can't do that in your head. Yes, we learned fractions in grade school but most people still have problems with them.


                                                But if you have something that's 5p3 wide and you need to add 1p2. I bet you can do that one more easily. With picas, you're working with integers.

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                                                  cmenzies81 Level 1

                                                  Ahhh.  I've had my preferences correct, but documents from other people would still annoyingly open in other units.  That will save me from having to copy and paste into a new file.

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                                                    redbourn Level 1

                                                    This is actually a very good answer to my question.





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                                                      Viki1111 Level 1

                                                      Now THAT was a very clear and NONcondescending answer!  It helped me immediately as I am very familiar with PS and IL but I'm by far not a "first time visitor".

                                                      Thank You!!

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                                                        linac10431184 Level 1

                                                        But it still doesn't change the default measurements when creating a new document... Can you please help me with changing default settings of new page, not the rulers?

                                                        Thank You in advane

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                                                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                          Did you close all open documents before resetting the units in the prefs?

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                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                            You have to close every document before doing so to change if for new documents.

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                                                              linac10431184 Level 1

                                                              Did it but it's still no difference..

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                                                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                                Are you certain you have absolutely no files open, then you've gone into the preferences and changed the units, then closed and reopened InDesign so the changes are saved?

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                                                                  kienl78859853 Level 1

                                                                  Thanks a lot for this.

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                                                                    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                                                                    What about the fact that YOU may think in inches, but designers in Europe don't.


                                                                    Picas/points are the country-neutral measurement for all over the world.