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    dealing with nesting and transitions

    getho Level 2

      lets say you have a shot on the timeline that has speed ramping on it.  it has dissolves in and out.  You want to add a blur filter but because of the speed ramping you need to nest it.  When you nest it it nests the clip at the in and out points and doesn't include any handles, meaning your dissolves a) dissapear and b) wont work when you reinstate them.


      Currently to get round this I drag the clip onto the video layer above, manually drag out both ends to extend it beyond the dissolve, nest it, resize it back down to where it was, drag it back to the layer below and reinstate the dissolves.


      Theres only so many times you can do this before you think  - this software cant possibly have been designed like this and post a question on the forum


      SO is there a way to automatically add handles when nesting? And if not is there a better way than I'm currently doing it?